Winter skye,
dark and cold.
And tonight
you are thy only thing keeping me warm.

All of my loves
like snowflakes falling from so high
each of them is special
and does not last till July.

I’m not building hopes on you,
you’re just another guy I like.
I hope you feel the same thing too
it could be romance for this one night.

Its so fun not to be real.
To just play games
hide the feelings we feel
hope it will hurt less.

I’m to afaird to try,
to trust you,
to let you in my life
It would hurt to much at the end.

I rather play sweet games,
and run away first.
Don’t cry when it ends
don’t risk those hurts.

It’s May. Flowers bloom
you are looking at me
and I can’t keep my eyes off you.
Something makes me want to try again.

Song of the sea,
reminds me on how many games I’ve played.
Are you thinking of me?
Will you give me another chance on mistake I made?

The sweetness of memories,
just makes it hurt more.
The taste of this pain,
reminds me how sweet it was.


Street Girl, vaja. In hvala vsim za lepe komentarje, bi še kakšno v slovenščini ali angleščini pa malo mi zmankuje tem… Ideje?


Kje si se naučila tako dobro pesnti?




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