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značka Pisalnica: Secrets Of Skylands 2. del

Secrets Of Skylands 2. del

Živijo, tukaj je drugi del knjige Secrets of Skylands. Knjiga je v angleščini ampak videl sem da pilovka Liennie prevaja zgodbo v slovenščino. Pa ne pozabite prebrat 1. del. Upam da vam bo zgodba všeč.

Ep.2: Enchanted Friendships

The next morning Will woke up finding himself alone in the room. Both Mikey and Ava were already awake. He went down to eat the breakfast. He saw Mikey playing with legos. He was making a half bear half robot. Will asmiled. After breakfast he looked around the house. He couldn't find Ava anywhere so he decided to read the book they found a bit. He didn't understand anything, wierd. Then he found Ben and asked him. "Where is Ava, she went in town, she said she wants to look around." "Thanks granpa Ben." He said and he was gone. He looked around. It was a festival with a lots of cool things. Then he found her with another girl. She had black and long wavy hair. "Hi Will." Ava saw him. "Hi, who's that?" He asked. "Oh thats my friend Lily, Lily thats my cpusin Will i wad talking about." "Hi." Said Lily nervously. "Hi, Ava want to go check out dome cool stuff at this festival?" "Oh, me and Lily already went try out like all of thr stuff that's here but we can go again." They had fun for a long time. They won a lot of things like plushes and stuff like that but then Ava remembered. "Oh, what if we went check out some strange stuff like that cave we went to yesterday." "What why did you tell Lily about it we said we will keep it a secret." "Sorry, but you know i'm not good at keeping secrets." "I am." Said Lily. "I am very good at keeping secrets, I won't tell anybody." "Okay, the only thing I understood in the book is that in a hidden cave there is a strange creature. Wanna go?" And they went searching for it at theplace it should be.

Then Lily suddenly start screaming. Will and Ava ran towards the scream. There was a hole in the ground." Lily, are you okay?" Will asked." Yes I fell on something soft. They jumped down. There was a bed. Suddenly they heard a squeky voice saying:" Whoo woke me uuuup." They saw a tall creature, it was green skaly, had big round red eyes and big teeth on the lower jaw. It had small spikes on it's back and cat ears. He continued talking. "Wooooo visitors, let me show you around my beaaauuutiful caveee." "Who are you?" Will asked. "Oh i'm the protector of this cave. the tall goblin Sparky." Sparky awnsered. "What, goblins are real?" Ava was suprised. "No they used to exist but all of them dieeeed." "But why are you alive then?" Will wondered. "Normal goblins were smaaaaaaall, and not very smarty, but IIIIIIIII am big and tall so I am smarty veeeeery muuuch. An old friend teached me human language but I still don't know much. One time I fell in this cave and I was trapped and couldn't find the out of the caaaaveeeeee."
"But you are not going to eat us right?" Lily asked. She was scared. "Noooooooooo, I goblin, goblins eat onlyyy mushrooms." "We can help you get out of the cave we know the exit." Ava said. "Yes, yes, yeeeees, Sparky happy." "But what will you do when you get out of the cave?" Will wasn't so sure about Sparky."I will find another cave. And live there."Okay then let's go!" Ava screamed. They showed him the hole in the roof of the cave. "Thank you. Now I shall live freely." In one hand he grabed Lily, Will and Ava, with the other he grabbed one of his spikes on his back and pulled it back. It expanded, and it started floating. They were abput to exit and then Sparky hit something. They fell on the ground." What happpeneeeeed?" He flew up again and when he was about to exit he hit it again. He tried it more times and the same thing happened again and again. There was something blocking the hole. Something invisible. "Hey Sparky, what if the cave doesn't let you out but does us. Do you have something that can lift us up there? " Will asked. "Ooooo oooooo I have a ladder." He brought a ladder. They climed up and they could normaly get out. " Then why don't they let Sparky out?" He started crying. Then they heard a mighty loud voice."You know why Sparkelous." "Who said that, don't eat me, I come in peace." Lily jumped."" Ooooh are you scared, I bet you're scared." Ava mocked Lily. "Oh yeaaaaaaah I foooorgoooot." "What did you forget?" Was Will curious. "Loooooooong time agooo, a man trapped me when I fell in this cave he is now the spirit of the cave and he won't let me out until I die." "Is there a way to let him out of the cave, Cave spirit?" They were all curious. They were waiting for an answer. "Yes there is a way, and my name is Citrus." "Tell us, tell us, tell us, teeeeeeeeell uuuuuuuus." Ava started screaming. She was not patient. "Ava stop screaming he's about to tell us." They started fighting. "Guys stop." Lily was trying to stop them. "SILENCE!" They all became quiet. "Long time ago I put a curse on Sparkelous or what you call him Sparky. The only way to stop this curse is to make a special potion. To make it you have to mix these ingridients:
- frog eyes
- unicorn hair
- blue crystals
- 100 leaves
- hair from an old man
- 5 ice cubes
- 20 chicken nuggets from McDonalds
- ice cream.
Ava got frog eyes and blue crystals. She found frogs in Ben's pond, and crystals in that bear's cave, Will shaved his granpa's hair and toom 5 ice cubes from his freezer, Lily went in town to buy McNuggets and stopped at the ice cream truck, and Sparky somehow got unicorn hair and 100 leaves. They brought all of things together and waited. "Now a big pot will appear on that table. Pour the green liquid that is on that shelve. Now add frog eyes, leaves, make a rope out of the hair, put ice cubes inside, wrap it around the crystals and put it inside." "And what do you need the ice cream for?" Ava asked. "Oh I just like the flavour." Citrus anwsered. "Well how are you going to eat it if you have no body?" Ava wondered. "Just put it in that hole behind you." She did what Citrus said. The ice cream vanished. "Oh then I guess it's the same for chicken nuggets?" "No you realy need that." "Why would you need..." "Ava, just put the nuggets in." After she did sparky pulled out a spike and started mixing the soup. "Now I want Sparkelous to drink it." Sparky took a look at the spuphe started drinking, he drank it all. "Mmmmmmmm that was goooooooood."

They went to the hole in the roof. Lily, Will and Ava climed up. Then when Ava was climbing she slipped and the ladder broke. "Thats okay, I can floaaaaaaat." He pulled a spike and it expanded, but this time it fell down they started floating and went trought the hole. "Oooooh no!" Sparky said. "Now that my spuke is gone I wont stop floaaaaating. Gooodby guuuuuuuuuys!" He said and dropped Ava. "Nooooooo, Sparky!" She scramed. "I will neeeeeever forgooooot you and remeeeeember your granpa terces gib a sdloh." They went home wondering what he said. Lily met Mikey and Ben and went home. Mikey was furious when rhey told him what happened. He wanted an adventure like this. But what was Sparky saying after they couldn't hear him. I guess that remains a mystery.

Upam da vam je bila zgodba všeč. Kmalu bo upam da tudi prevod. Bilo bo 20 epizod. Pišem jih takrat ko lahko in medtem ko to bereš jaz že pišem nov del. Adijo.

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