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značka Pisalnica: Secrets Of Skylands 4. del

Secrets Of Skylands 4. del

Živijo, kako smo. Po sto letih je tukaj nov del. Nisem imel časa za pisanje ker smo bili na morju pa na obiskih pa take stvari. Pa zdaj me lahko v komentarjih vprašate skoraj karkoli o knjigi ali meni. Upam da vam bo všeč.

Ep. 4 Mary

Next morning when they woke up they were awoken by a cat. Yes, by a cat. At Ben's house there isn't a rooster that wakes you up, there is a cat that sings Waiting for love by Avicii. They knew that today there are not gonna be any adventures, that today it would be a normal day. That's because they are going on a picnic. All of the beekeepers in Skylands would be there with their families. And I forgot to tell you that Ben is a beekeeper, so he took Will, Ava and Mikey. They left their pets at home because they weren't normal. The first thing they saw at the picnic was Bens daughter or Will's aunt. She had two children. A daughter named Sarah who wasn't there and a son named Mathew. He was a year younger than Will so the same age as Ava. They said hello and sat at the table. During the lunch the kids didn't speak to eachother. After they went into the forest for a walk down the river. Ava, Will and Mikey had so much to talk about their adventures bur they didn't want to tell Mathew. "I always tought you were wierd during family reunions." Said Ava straight to Mathews face. Mathew went bright red in his face. He never felt so emberassed before. At all the birthdays and family meetings they had Ava and Mathew never liked eachother. They weren't realated to eachother so they only met someone in Will's close family had a birthday. So, let me introduce you to the whole Will's family. Will has two sides of his family, mother's and father's side. (He likes the mother's side more.) On the mother's side he has 6 cousins. 3 girls and 3 boys The girls are sisters are the youngest, Ava, the middle, Lisa who is a year older than Will, and the oldest who is 17. , Stacey
You know Ava alredy and she likes to hang out with Will. The oldest two are kind mean of and they usally hang out with Will's oldest brother Mike. . He is 16 years old. Then there's the 3 boys. They also come fron the same family. The youngest is 2 years old and his name is Oliver. The middle one is a year younger than Mikey, Percy and the oldest, Harry who is a year younger than Ava. Their family has a dog named Rexy. At family reunions Oliver just sleeps or sometimes looks in the rooms to see what others are doing. Percy plays with Mikey and Harry hangs out with Ava and Will. Sometimes Lisa comes into their room because she got into a fight with Stacey. And on the other side of the family there Will has 5 cousins. 4 boys and one girl. In one family there's 3 boys, Bobby, he is a year older than Mikey, Carl, he is a year younger than Mathew. And the oldest Noah, he is 2 years older than Mike. In the other family there is Mathew and Sarah. So when one of Will's brothers or him has a birthday, Bobby plays with Mikey and Percy, Sarah is with Lisa, Stacey and Mike but all of Carl, Mathew, Harry and Ava want Will's attention and talk to him and stuff like that but Harry and Ava don't like Mathew and Carl because they are wierd, even Will thinks like that. But only because of Carl. Mathew and Carl enjoy eachothers company but Will doesn't like Carl. So Mathew told Ava why he acts wierd and made excuses ao she wouldn't think like that. While they were chatting Ava realised that Mathew was still a bit wierd like everyone from Skylands but she was okay with him. They went deep in the forest and fog was getting more and more foggy and cold. They saw a grave. It said Mary, nothing else.

"I wonder who's Mary." Ava said. Suddenly they saw a big shadow. They turned around and saw a 10 meter tall creature that was green, waterlike and coming out of the river. It streched it's hand towards Will. It grabbed him. It lifted him in the air and laughed. It was about to eat him but then he saw something white. In the next moment he was on the floor wet. There was green water around him. He got up and saw Whisk, Biibbles, and Fuzz. "Whisk just cut trough water! How is that even possible?" Will said. "Fuzz found the way to us and saved Will. What a good boy." Mikey was already cuddling fuzz. "Mikey watch out!" Will warned him. The creature regenerated it's hand and was about to hit Mikey. But Fuzz but Mikey on his back and ran away. They started running. Ava was holding Bubbles, Fuzz was holding Mikey, Whisk was flying and Mathew was still wondering what is going on. Who is Fuzz, who is Whisk and what are these Cratures. They explained everything to him. Then the creature stopped. It raised it's hands and smashed the ground. Water was formed around the kids so they couldn't escape. It started talking. "First of all my name is Mary. From the gravestone you saw earlier." "But aren't you dead?" Ava asked. "My body is, but my soul still lives. You see when I was drowning this wonderful godly creature called Mixer asked me for a deal. He free's my soul and puts it into this river making a great monster. In return I kill every single person who steps on this land. And under the gravestone there are hundreds of bodies. The name Mary says who killed them." They were all terrified. How are they going to escape."You can't defeat me. Unless you somehow find and freeze my blue soul." "Hey Ava, I have an idea. You know that tound blue shiny thing we saw earlier. Well maxbe it is her soul." He whispered. "Well how am I supposed to get there?" "Bubbles can make a bubble around you and him and then you can get there while we distract her Then you can trap her soul into a bubble." Then you can go back to the cabin at the picnic and put it in the freezer." He also told the plan to Mathew and Mikey and they started to ask Mary stupid questions like 1+1. That confused her a lot. But meanwhile Ava already got the soul and was flying back. She tried to avoid Mary as hard as possible but she still saw them. "Oh no you won't!" Mary went after the bubble. "No, we gotta stop her!" Will screamed and ran after Mary. Whisk started shooting lasers, and that helped a lot. Bubbles popped the bubble. Ava ran into the cabin. She opened the freezer and put the bubble in. "Noooooo, I will get my revenge, Mixer will..." And then she stopped. All the water fell and splashed all over the place. Mathew and Will came running. "Sooo, we won?" Will asked. "Yes, I guess so." Then they explained everything to Mathew and went home. But who is Mixer?

Upam da vam je bilo všeč. Zanimivo dejstvo: Ta del je bil prvi ki sem se ga spomnil. Nato so sledili še drugi. Upam da bo kmalu tudi prevod.

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