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Elementary twins 3. del

hello there! here is a new part of my story. I will try uploading it more often now. for everyone, that's confused, from where did that story cam now, here are the first two parts: .
I would be happy if you'd read it. well, let's go to the story.
chapter three
I woke up. Trinnity is not in her bed anymore. Again. I was starting to get worried about her. Every morning since new year she is already outside when I wake up. While I was walking downstairs I heard mom talking with Casie. She asked her if she could go call Trinnity on breakfast. "Is she with Clark again?" Casie asked. "Yes, she is." Then she saw me. "Cortney, go call your sister." "Okay." I said and ran out. When I was on the other side of the door I started listening. "You don't think, she is... Do you?" Then silence. "Cortney, why are you still ther?" I hated, that Casie is the oldest one and she could have these serious talks with mom. I walked on the spot, so they would think i'm going away. After a little while mom said: "Yes, I do. I think, she is having THE NIGHTMARE." I ran away. I triped and fell. Then it was all black.
I decided I would put pictures of people in this, but you will probably find it in the trash can (smetiščnici).


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Hay! So, great story, I love it! I have nothing to say! Like ... amazing!
And you are really good in English, did anyone tell you that?

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