Hej hoj tukaj je nova pesem, ampak je malce drugačna kot ostale, saj je daljša in nisem uporabila veliko rim. Upam, da vam bo vseeno všeč, saj je meni ena izmed najboljših, kar sem jih napisala.

I am trying to wake up myself,
hoping that this is all just nightmare.
But without success.
I realize that this is my life, I need help.

Whole world is falling apart.
And all I can do is to watch.
What have I done to you,
cause you are breaking my heart.

Why did I let you do this.
Why was I so blind.
Oh, I know the answer now.
Love blinded me.
But where is love now.

Do not tell me that this was all just lie.
That this was all just fake.
Cause I felt sometning.
I thought you love me.
I thought that what we had was real.

But I was wrong.
Love made me stupid.
love is madness
I do not believe in it any more.


I like your song, but I stel belive in love (I hope you too). 🙂 😉


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