Nekaj časa nisem pisala, ampak upam, da me niste pozabili. Res upam, da vam bo moja zgodba všeč. Prosim komentirajte, če hočete da nadaljujem. Napišem nadaljevanje, ko dobim štiri komentarje.

I put my bag next to the table in the second row. I sat next to Jess and Lauren sat in the row behind us. We usually sat like this when the tables are pairs. That’s because me and Jess were friends since kindergarden. Our parents were friends, our sister and brother had a crush on each other for years, even our aunts are best friends. We met Lauren in the first grade. That’s when me and Jess got into a big fight and I started hanging out with Lauren. She started hanging out with Madisson and her group of friends. It stayed like this till fifth grade. Our families didn’t hang out any more and we didn’t want to have anything to do with each other. And then in the middle of fifth grade Jess got into a huge fight with one of Madisson’s friends. Madisson and Jess were besties till then, but Madisson must have been upset with Jess for some reason, so she decided to take the other side. She probably had no idea what a huge argument she would cause. Because a month after that me and Lauren decided to forgive Jess and let her back into our squad. Ever since, we were best friends and even thoe I do have some more things in common with Lauren than with Jess, she is a really good friend, so we made things work.
“Did you see the new guy yet?” said Jess the minute she came rushing behind us.
“No, Jess. God, don’t make me regret telling you about him.” said Lauren, earning a dirty look from Jessy’s side.
“Guys, is that him?” I asked as a brown haired guy with a pretty impressing haircut and a face full of freckles walked into the classrom.
“God, Lauren. You didn’t tell us he was your type?” Jess teased her. Lauren rolled her eyes and looked back at her notebook. Lauren hates freckles and she would never date anyone with them. She often wears too much powder just to make them less vissible. But if she has short sleeves she can’t use this trick because she would just look ridicolous.
The teacher, Mrs. Ebelin walked into the classroom last. The new boy was just looking for a place to sit, when she spoke up with her loud voice.
“Oh! We have a new student this year! Ty! Come introduce yourself to the class!” Ty almost fell of the chair. He had just started looking for his books as she spoke up and she gave him a real fright. A few student giggle and a few girls wisper something to each other. And then Tom got up and walked to the front of the classroom.
“My name is Ty. Ty Walker and um… me… my family moved here from Britain.” His accent was royal. I still remember how he introduced himself. He looked american. I mean… as much as we’ve seen about British people on TV, I was hella impressed with his look.
“Thank you so much, Ty.” Mrs. Ebelin shouten. Ty jumped softly and then made his way back to his desk. I caught Jess staring at him a moment later. But she looked away as she realized I noticed. At first I didn’t think she was interested. I mean, Jess is nice girl. And she’s really pretty and skinny and cute and basically real girlfriend material. She plays hard to get no matter what the surcomstances. She’s much better and cooler than me. So I forgot Ty. Because I knew, that if Jess was in the game, the only person who would fight her would be Madisson.
We went through the rest of the classes without mentioning the new guy. Jess didn’t start talking about him and me and Lauren didn’t have any interrest in bringing him up. And then, at the end of the fifth period, he walked past us in the hallway. He was stopping at doors and checking his schedule again and again.
“Ohhh!” Jess sighed. Then she turned to me and wispered: “There’s nothing hotter than a lost guy.” Lauren rolled her eyes and shaked her head gently towards me, making sure Jess didn’t notice. Then, Jess walked towards Ty.
I glanced at Lauren. She was watching the two closely. They were talking and Jess kept trying to get closer to Ty. I saw a slightest bit of jealousy in her eyes.
“I see you gave guys with freckles a chance.” I wispered and giggled at her.
“Oh, shut up Chloe!” she punched me into my shoulder. But I knew she found him cute, I mean… who wouldn’t?
Then Jess turned back towards us waving goodbye at Ty with her most attractive smile. But right when Jess turned around, I saw Ty look at me and Lauren. And then he stopped and didn’t move fore a few moments. And stared at me. The moment seemed like ages. I managed to put on a friendly smile before Jess came to us and I looked away.

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about that smile. That smile that seemed it was meant just for me. I wasn’t attracted by him. I didn’t see Ty like that. I mean… I coulden’t. I wasn’t supposed to. He was Jess’ and both me and Laura knew we had to keep our fingers out of this.
And then. I remembered something that happened to me a really long time ago. We were in kindergarden and everyone had a crush on this boy, Matthew. And then, we had a school year ending dance and every girl in our group wished that she would be invited by Matthew. Every girl, but me. I did love Matthew, just like all the other girls in our group. I had a really really big crush on him. But I didn’t want to do this to Jess, because I knew how bad she wanted him to pick her. But even after I didn’t write him an invitation to the dance, he came to me after lunch and asked me if I wanted to be his partner for the dance in front of the entire group. I never wanted to say yes to something sooo badly, but I declined him, just because I knew Jess would be his second choice. And she was. They danced together and Jess was the girl every single other girl was jealous of her that night (it was actually afternoon because we were five). And thinking about the fact that this girl was supposed to be me, still makes me sad. Because I was one of those jealous girls that night. And that night, I promised myself, that if Ty would choose me, I wouldn’t say no just for the sake of my friendship with Jess.


Ups. Zasledila sem eno napako. Namesto Ty, sem enkrat napisala Tom. Se opravičujem vsem (poleg tega se mi zdi da na začetku manjka še ena vejica). Upam, da vam je zgodba, če odštejemo tele napakice všeč in da boste komentirali za več.



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