To je prvo poglavje Moonlighta. Odločila sem se, da bom tegale objavila kar takoj, ker vem, da vas z uvodom še nisem premamila. Tale je pa že nekoliko bolj zanimiv. Obljubim, da pri naslednjih delih ne boste več mogli čakati na nadaljevanja. Hope you like it! Pa upam, da ni preveč napak. Se opravičujem, če kakšno najdete. Se zgodi, kajne?

3 years earlier

“Bethany is just jealous! I told you that!” said Jessica when we were walking to the geography classrom. I wasn’t sure if she was right though. Bethany is my younger sister. She’s only a year younger than me and she used to copy everything I did. Litherally everything. If I wore scrunchies, she wore them too. If I decided to wear a ponytail for school, she made one too. If I bought myself a new set of brushpens, she begged mum to buy her one too. The week before school started, she even threw away her brand new glasses, because she saw I threw away my old ones. It became ridicolous after some time and I don’t know what I would have done if this phase of her’s wouldn’t have stopped after a month.
“I don’t know, Jess.” I said. “She is my younger sister… so technically I do have to look after her. She’s probably just angry at me because I didn’t wear that crop top she bought me with her own savings for the first day of school.”
“She actually went on buying you clothes? Girl! Why are you complaining?!? If only my younger brother would buy me clothes.” she looked at me with a fake dissapointment in her eyes.
“I’m not going to use my sister to buy me clothes, Jess. What the hell?”
“I never said you should do that. I just told you what I would do.” I grin and let her know she is not helping. And right in that moment, a blond girl with two ponytails and a face full of freckles walks towards us. She’s wearing a black crop top and overalls.
“What the fuck happened to your hair girl?!?” Jess shouts down the hallway and a few heads turn towards us to check who is shouting, but it’s our last year on this school, so we basically own it. Which means that whatever we do will turn out cool and we can’t humiliate ourselves any longer.
“Shut up!” says Lauren walking towards us quickly. “I don’t want the entire school to know I’m dying my hair blond on the first day! I mean… people could think I’m a natural blondie! So keep it down!”
“As if, Lauren! Your face is covered with freckles. There’s freckle next to freckle next to freckle! Are you dumb? No natural blondie has her entire body covered with freckles!”
“God, Jess. Let the girl live! I think she’s rocking it with blond hair!” Lauren gives me an appreshiating look.
“Thanks, Chloe. Anyway. Did you guys see that new guy?”
“Omg there’s a new guy?” Jess is obssest with stalking guys. She is also one of the most sucssesfull and apreschiated gossipers on our school. I was really luck to be so close to her. If you’re in a fight with her, you can expect only the worse. Last year a girl named Lucy had some beef with her and ended up punching Jess in the face. She had to change schools after a roomer about her sleeping with a bunch of guys from our school came out. Still to this day, noone knows that Jessica was the one who spread the roomer. She even made sure everyone believed her and noone wanted to talk to Lucy.
“Don’t get to excited. I haven’t seen him yet. But the sources that I got the information from claim he is cute.”
“Oh-my-god.” Jess jumped up and down in the hallway. “Hair colour?”
“Jee, I don’t know, Jess. That’s all I’ve heard.”
“Damn it. Did you at least get his instagram?”
“Getting a good head start on stalking guys, huh?” the voice came from behind us. I turned around.
“What do you want, Madisson?” asks Jess. “You have a boyfriend. This is none of your buisness!” Madisson is legit the most annoying person on Earth. Jess tried to spread as many ruomers as she could about her. But none of them caugt the attention of anyone on this school. Probably because everyone was to afraid to spread evil stuff about the queen of evil.
“I don’t want anything. You’re standing in front of our lockers.” I turned to the lockers to check the nametag on them. Madisson was right. We were standing right in front of their lockers. I knew it would kill Jess to say it to Madisson’s face and leave, so I did it for her.
“We were on our way to geography class. See ya!” I head on to the end of the hallway and Lauren quickly rushes after me. I shoot a quick look back at Jess, who is looking at her phone protending not to notice that we were wrong and slowly walking after us.
“So… about the new guy…” she said when she caught up with us.
“Why don’t we talk about the fact that we’re going to be late for geography class that is on the third floor.
“Exacly.” Lauren agrees, quickly. We both knew we would have enough talking about boys and romance the entire year.
“You two are soooo boriinnngggg!” Jess says, pushing her phone back into the back pocket of her highwaisted jeans.
“No matter how boring we are, we do have to get to class.” says Lauren and hurries along the hallway.
Jess turns to me in wisperes: “I hope I get to sit next to the new guy.”
“I thought you were trying to get together with Max!” I wisper back.
“Ah, forget Max already. He’s on the plan B list for now.”
“But…” I wanted to tell her she didn’t even see how the new guy looked yet. But I would just waist words and time we still had to get to class. When Jess put her mind to something you couldn’t make her change her decission. This was it.
“Good luck.” I say and hurry up after Lauren.