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Pisalnica - This hell 17. del

This hell 17. del

The original plan was to come here, find something and get out as soon as possible. But as always, my plans got screwed when I came here. I stayed there for a while before I even started looking for anything. I wanted to explore a little while I was there, maybe even… stay. It felt safe there.

My old Foxy mask was in my brother’s closet, I kept it there to scare him when we were younger. But how was it still there now? I remember throwing it away after… after it happened. Did William put it back like the Fredbear plush? It still had bloodstains on it. Why?
Elizabeth’s room was just as I left it. Why did I even bother looking inside? Cause it’s been years, so many years since everything was alright… since we were a happy family. Right? I can’t remember anymore. I missed those times.
My room wasn’t what I left behind when I moved out. It was like in my childhood – my bed, the closet, the desk… everything was there. I imagined my father putting it all back, trying to go back to the better times. It was painful. The door slammed behind me as I walked away crying.

My eyes shot open. I was on the floor in the hallway. What the hell just happened? I looked around, looking for who called my name, but I was alone. I must’ve passed out, which wouldn’t be surprising, considering my physical state. But… I heard that voice. I couldn’t tell who it was, but it was familiar.
I walked down the stairs and tripped halfway through. I took a moment to think where to go. I still needed to find a mask of some sort, that’s why I came here, after all.
And I knew where to find it.

When I and my siblings were younger, William’s workshop was off-limit for us. Nobody was allowed inside without his permission, not even Henry, if he ever came over. The room belonged to William and William only. Why? We all found out when it was already too late.
Like so many other families, Henry lost his daughter.
Like so many other children, Elizabeth lost her life.
And William? He lost himself.

I found out the easier way, even though it wasn’t easy at all. When he was away, I snuck inside and searched around. It didn’t take me long to find a drawer full of blueprints, notes and sketches. As I looked through them, I found another thing.
A knife.
From that moment, it was all a blur. I should’ve stopped looking, but that wasn’t what I did. I couldn’t think logical anymore. I just searched around, but all I found was more of his ideas that would belong in a horror show. There were more weird blueprints, notes, the springlock rabbit suit, blood…
And yelling. When I turned around, he was standing at the door, watching me. How long has he been there? I remember yelling at him, trying to make him explain, but he was quiet, his face expressionless. Did he not care?
He shivered and turned pale. He changed in a moment, like if something flipped a switch. Like if he didn’t expect it. What was wrong with him? I felt the tears running down my face and I stormed out of the room.
“…I just wanted to help.”
I stopped. How was any of this helping? He was a killer.
“Michael, please…”
I didn’t listen to him. I was already in my room, packing my things. I didn’t have a plan; I just knew I had to go away. I had to start over.

Why was I remembering this now? I was scared to go inside. The door wasn’t locked, which was weird. Did he know I’d come? I hesitated. What was I going to find? I told myself that it’s okay. None of his creations could harm me more than They already did.
That was the first thing that came to my mind after going inside. Even though the shelves were full, the mechanic parts scattered on the floor, something was missing.

he was missing

Everything was as I left it that day. Did he not go inside since then? It seemed unlikely. And it didn’t matter. I had to find something. I looked around and spotted an animatronic head in the corner. I stepped closer and it didn’t take me two seconds to recognize it. All the times I scared my brother flashed before my eyes. I didn’t have a choice now, did I? I picked it up and looked at it closely. Its triangular ears, the long snout, the eyepatch over its right eye. It felt light for an animatronic head; I turned it upside down and realized why. Its insides were already empty. Did he really know I would come? He couldn’t. There was no way.
I put it on, trying to find something that would make it unusable, but there was nothing. It fit me perfectly. I looked at myself in a mirror and it became obvious that this all was his plan. He was always one step ahead of everybody. I should’ve known.
I had the mask, which meant I could leave.
But there was something else I had to do.

The graveyard wasn’t far away, so I decided to walk. Besides, I was less visible without a car. The Foxy head was heavy, but I didn’t mind. It made me feel safer.
I arrived, but I hesitated. As always. I took off the Foxy head and left it at the gate before I went inside. As I was walking past the graves, I noticed one that didn’t really fit in. I stopped and read what it said, even though I knew who it belonged to.


I stepped away, ignoring the memories. I didn’t know where I was going, but I found myself at the right place.


Whatever was stopping me from crying was gone the moment I read the name. How could I forget my own brother’s name? I didn’t forget. I blocked it out of my mind. I can’t describe the guilt that I felt just standing there. I opened my backpack and took out the Fredbear plush. I tried to say something, but nothing came out of my mouth. I just sat there and cried, until my chest went numb. I took a shaky breath.
“I’m sorry.”
The plush’s eyes flickered.
“I wish I could go back… I wish I could make things right. I really, really do. You… deserve a so much better brother. If you had one, you wouldn’t… I know it’s my fault. And I know you’ll never forgive me, but that’s okay. I can’t blame you. I-I never forgave myself either, you know? I think about it all the time. I just hope you’re in a better place now… whatever that means. I-I miss you, Evan… I really do.”

“W-what’s that, dad?”
“Huh? Oh, just something I’m working on. Wanna see?
I nodded. I was ten, of course I was excited.
My dad laughed and pointed at the yellow bear costume in the corner.
“Another one of those? Is it anything new?”
“Well, it’s a secret, but I know I can trust you, right, Mikey?”
I nodded again and giggled. I really thought he was speaking the truth. He pressed a button and I watched the animatronic dance to the music coming from its voice box. The performance went on until it abruptly stopped and I heard William curse under his breath. He turned it off and turned back to me.
“What do you think?”
I know I sounded disappointed, and he noticed it too. He took off one of the animatronic’s arms and carefully pressed something inside it. I heard a click and he mumbled something while putting his arm inside. He moved his fingers and grinned.
Something about him seemed so distant when he had that thing. He was moving his arm in all sorts of weird positions, pushing its limits. Like if he wanted it to break.
“What’s its name?”
He snapped out of his thoughts, shook his head and put the arm back on the suit. The springlocks snapped back in place, which made me jump a little. He chuckled.
“It doesn’t have a name yet. Do you think you could help?”
I smiled and started muttering something to myself.
“Freddy, yellow Fred- bear… Oh!”
I looked at the suit and then back at William.
He smiled back at me. We heard a knock on the door and when he opened it, I saw Evan hugging his plush toy.
“There’s something in my closet, dad.”
He sounded scared. William glared at me and left with him, leaving me with the suit. I knew it wasn’t, but it still looked alive.

The voice was clearer this time, but it was a different one.
I was still alone. The sunset was near, so I had to hurry. I picked up my backpack and looked at Evan’s grave one last time.
“See you on the other side, little brother.”
I ran, picked up the Foxy head on the way and headed straight to the house. People saw me, but it didn’t matter. I was going to leave, at least for now.

I waited until dark to drive back to my house. I was afraid to leave all of this behind, but it was probably for the best. I said goodbye to Elizabeth, I said goodbye to Evan too.
As I was driving away, I could only think of one thing.
“There’s only one thing left for me to do now.”


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  3. Ko nekomu odobriš prošnjo za prijateljstvo, mu omogočiš dostop do vseh svojih podatkov!
Tri pravila varnosti na spletu:
  1. Nastavi si močno geslo in ga ne zaupaj nikomur.
  2. Ne prijavljaj se na omrežja, ki jih ne poznaš.
  3. Če si se prijavil na tuje omrežje, poskrbi, da se boš z njega tudi odjavil in da se tvoje gesla niso shranila.
Vedno imej v mislih!
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  2. Ne objavljaj fotografij drugih, še posebej ne brez njihovega dovoljenja.
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  2. Na nesramne komentarje ne rabiš odgovarjati.
  3. Če se nekdo neprimerno obnaša, ga blokiraj.
Kako ustvariti dober vzdevek?
  1. Pri ustvarjanju vzdevkov bodi izviren.
  2. V vzdevku ne uporabljaj svojega imena ali starosti.
  3. Za vsako družbeno omrežje ali spletno stran imej drugačen vzdevek.
Zapomni si!
  1. Na spletu ne klikaj vsega, kar vidiš.
  2. Prepričaj se, da si na varnih spletnih straneh in ne prenašaj datotek neznanega izvora.
  3. Povezave, ki jih ne poznaš, lahko na tvojo napravo prenesejo viruse.
Kako varno uporabljati družbena omrežja?
  1. Tvoj profil naj bo nastavljen na zasebno.
  2. Sprejmi le ljudi, ki jih poznaš.
  3. Ne objavljaj stvari, za katere ne želiš, da jih vidijo vsi in se jih boš čez 20 let sramoval.
Kakšno je varno geslo?
  1. Vsebuje najmanj 10 znakov.
  2. Vsebuje velike in male začetnice ter številke.
  3. Vsebuje posebne znake.
Dobro geslo je osnova varnosti na spletu!
  1. Geslo ima na internetu isto vlogo kot ključ, s katerim zakleneš dom.
  2. Preveč enostavno geslo lahko razvozla praktično vsakdo.
  3. Pri ustvarjanju gesel bodi kreativen.
Geslo imaš, kaj pa zdaj?
  1. Geslo redno menjaj.
  2. Če ga shranjuješ, poskrbi, da je na varnem mestu.
  3. Ne shranjuj gesla, napisanega na listku, v ovitku telefona.
Kako varno nakupovati na spletu?
  1. Drži se preverjenih spletnih mest.
  2. Vedno preveri podatke o trgovcu in se prepričaj, da so resnični.
  3. Vedno nakupuj s starši ali drugo odraslo osebo, ki je vešča spletnega nakupovanja.
Pazi, ko nakupuješ na spletu!
  1. Pred vnašanjem kreditne kartice preveri, da je v orodni vrstici izpisana kratica »https« s ključavnico.
  2. Preklikaj stran in se prepričaj, da je prava.
  3. Preveri naslov spletne strani, izpisan v orodni vrstici.
Na kaj moraš paziti pri nagradnih igrah?
  1. Če so predobre, da bi bile resnične, gre verjetno za prevaro.
  2. Dobro preveri, kdo organizira nagradno igro.
  3. Bogate obljube so znak za alarm.


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