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you may not be perfect in many things, but many things aren't perfect without you
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hunger games, mamma mia, bohemian rhapsody

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In a world he did not create, he will go through it as if it were his own making; half man, half beast, I don't know what it is, but it's weird and it's pissed of and it calls itself Slash!
-W. Axl Rose

Izzy sits in the corner and plays guitar. He's very sarcastic.

Steven: ''I want peace of mind.''
Axl: ''He really needs peace of mind 'cause when he was young, he had to go to the hospital and they took a piece of it''

Axl isn't really 24; he's a million years old- he's seen everything
- Izzy Stradlin

It's like Slash says, a lot of these bands go out and buy their clothes and then they figure out how to play
- W. Axl Rose

Everyone wants to be your best friend. You get rid of them... you shake hands and be nice but you know what's going on
- W. Axl Rose

You know a lot of people have problems with us, but it's 'cause they're jealous of us. We play harder and better than most. We don't hide behind props or anything

We were headed to a Roxy show and got pulled over by four cops. They picked a bag off the street; said we threw it out the window and there were drugs in it. There were no drugs in it. And they were just trying to hassle us, saying our advance money in our pockets was a drug money. They searched everything, pushed us around, and we were late for the show.
- W. Axl Rose

...Every single gig, no matter how small, is different. It's not like we're so set and we're going through these motions. Every show is something different... The other night I went onstage and I finished half the song before I realized I didn't have my guitar plugged in.
- Slash

Hey, we don't work at the image, it's just being us. If we wanted to change directions a little, we've already shown we're not scared to do that. What's our musical style? We don't have any. We're just a pretty good rock and roll band.

We had to eat shit to get where we are.
-Izzy Stradlin

I'd just like to say that I have a personal disgust for small dogs, like poodles. I have some serious physical problems with them. Everything about them means I must kill them. I must!
- Duff McKagan

I drink a lot, I collect snakes.
- W. Axl Rose

And we don't share girlfriends.
- Slash

Rock and roll is supposed to be a rebellion for kids, not a huge corporation. In the 60's it was the Rolling Stones, in the 70's it was Aerosmith and in the 80's it's Guns N' Roses
- Slash

Sometimes I write some great words... then hear this fabulous music in my head... I think, 'Wow!... This is better than Led Zeppelin!'... Then I go home, put on a record and realise, shit, it was Led Zeppelin.
- W. Axl Rose

When I was in school there were all these stereotypes. If you liked the Rolling Stones you were a faggot because of the time Mick Jagger kissed Keith Richards on Saturday night Live. If you liked Grateful Dead you were a hippie. If you liked The Sex Pistols you were a punker. I guess that would make me a faggot hippie punk rocker.
- W. Axl Rose

We love to take care of women- we love to treat them great but right now we don't have any money so we treat them like shit.
- Izzy Stradlin

I don't have a home. I have no place to store my shit... Everything I have is me.
- Slash

I just want to keep playing forever. I love playing, ya can't beat it. Out of all the crappy jobs I've had in my life, I appreciate in very much.
- Steven Adler

I'm always on the edge. It's a very, very dangerous place to be.
- W. Axl Rose

Sometimes there's these girls backstage going 'I love you'. I feel like saying, 'Honey, if you knew me, you would hate my fucking guts.
- W. Axl Rose

Up until we got signed, I lived on the street for five years. I never lived in one place for more than two months, always crashing at people's houses. My parents would say, 'Come back home and go to college and we'll pay for it' but I would reply, 'No, I have to do this now.'
- W. Axl Rose

Loud is a way of life.
- Steven Adler

We'd rather be unknown and live in Idaho than to have someone tell us what to play and how to 'make it'...
- W. Axl Rose

I can't understand how some bands could deal with the mundane kind of lives they lead. The ones that go in the press, 'Oh we party and every night's this and this and doin' girls and blah-blah-blah...' and it's all bullshit. I can't understand how bands can be like that, how they can be so phony about the shit that they do and then live a dull existence. I just couldn't live any other way; I'd be bored out of my mind. I don't care what kind of toll it takes on me in the long run. I'd rather live fast now than live slow and die with white hair and having never done anything I ever wanted to do.
- Slash

Headlining's more fun because it's your crowd, ya know. See with the Cure it's fine, but it's now your crowd. You are just trying to kick ass, which is another aspect of it. But this is your crowd, all those 5,500 people with their arms in the air are there for you.
- Duff McKagan

We were with Alice Cooper in the Midwest. It started snowing. I hadn't seen snow in ages, since I was a little kid. I said, 'Oh snow, cool...' The novelty wore off real quick. Five minutes of it and I said, 'Okay, that's enough.'
- Slash

We don't put much time into preparing for a show or anything. We just go out there wearing whatever we've got on and get on with it. That's what everybody wants to see anyway.
- Slash

When I came no L.A. five years ago from some hellhole in the midwest, I was wearing cowboy boots and everyone said I looked like I just came off the boat. All of a sudden, It's become a fashion, so now, I guess I drive the boat.
- W. Axl Rose

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